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This month, CFRB is proud to present "Eretzel" by William McGrath


The story continues where Asulon, the first book in The Sword of Fire
series, left off. The travelers: Prince Daniel of Asulon, the grim
swordmaster Moor, the traveling priest and wise man Simon and princess
Rachel of Eretzel have escaped from the evil Antiochus, Emperor of
Unicornia and slayer of Anak, last of the Earthbound angels.
They sail for Eretzel, the land where East meets West and where the
nations of the earth will gather for war. Also aboard the ship are the
Anakim, the giant sons of Anak. They have sworn vengeance upon the
murderer of their father. But can a being who has slain an angel be
killed by mere giants?

Eretzel sits at the crossroads of the earth, between the merchants of
the West, the warriors of the North, the vast and hungry populations
of the East and the gold-rich lands of the South. Antiochus desires to
rule the world and his path to conquest runs through Eretzel.

My Thoughts:

This series is a great way to get teenagers and adults interested in the history of the Bible as well as the prophecy; mixing a lot of history in the Bible into the setting of the end times in Revelation. Antiochus, the Antichrist is trying to take over the world and Daniel of Asulon is trying to stop him. With him is the princess (whom he loves), his uncles (the Anakim), the priest (Simon), and his instructor (Moor). Join Daniel as he strives to do what Yeshua commands and overcome the evil forces.

An amazing amount of research was put into the making of this series. William McGrath has an amazing way of making biblical times come to life in the readers mind. His word pictures really help you see in your mind what the creatures and places he's describing look like.

For more information visit William's website, The Sword of Fire.

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David said...

Good post. One of the things that seems to keep coming up is McGrath's treatment of the end times. After talking with him I've learned that he's open to whatever God wants. That is to say, he isn't about to bind himself to some man-made doctrine concerning the end times, but is open to other possibilities. Frank Creed once said the same thing. The Jews were so sure what the Messiah would look like when he came that when Jesus did come they missed him. We should be on guard against falling into the same trap. God is God, and it's going to happen the way He wants, whether it fits our views or not.

David Brollier

cathikin said...

You had expressed some concern that your response was too brief, but it isn't at all. You put it very succinctly. I happen to have gone on at length this time more than usual (and I tend to be wordy. I'd like to be more succinct).

So glad to have you join with us at CFRB. Good review.

Frank Creed said...

Like I told Cathi on Shoutlife, I used to really get into the Hal Lindsey kind of non-fiction in my twenties.

Sounds like a book, and a series, that readers can really think about.


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tales from an O.C. cottage said...

That sounds good!

m ^..^