Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Blue Enchantress

The Blue Enchantress
By: M.L. Tyndall

Once again M.L. Tyndall has produced a book that you just can't put down. This book is so relevant for the issues that many people face today, but in a much better time period (in my opinion). Hope Westcott really struggles with her identity; with feeling truly loved; with trusting the right people. Any of those things sound familiar to you? It is wonderful to see the transformation of Hope throughout the book. She has the desire to do what is right and to make right the things she has done wrong in the past, but she quickly learns that it is a much harder and longer road than she ever imagined it could be.

Captain Nathaniel Mason is also a very relevant character. Not many people are willing to give up all they have to help someone else or to follow Christ with all your heart, soul, and mind. That is the struggle that Nathaniel faces. He is thrown into numerous situations where he has to give up things that are very important to him. Things he has worked for his whole life. He truly loves the Lord and wants to serve Him, but really struggles with the thought that he may have to give all he has in order to do that.

Pick up this book to see how they each learn to overcome their struggles in some unexpected ways. M.L. Tyndall has an amazing talent in writing fiction books that are so convicting! May God continue to bless her ministry through her writing.

Back of the Book:

Still grieving the loss of her mother--and private tragedies of her own--Hope Westcott plays the part of a dutiful admiral's daughter. But longing for the love and acceptance she never felt at home, Hope plunges into Charles Towne society. . . and an illicit affair with Lord Faulkland.

For Captain Nathaniel Mason, wealth means security, so he is determined to build up his shipping business--ignoring God's call on his life to become and impoverished pastor. He also ignores his attraction to the frivolous, vain Hope Westcott.

Hope's adventure seeking lands her in the hands of an unscrupulous ship captain who wants to sell her to the highest bidder. When Nathaniel sees Hope on the auction block, will he listen to God and sacrifice his ship, cargo, and security to save her?

From the Carolina Coast to the Caribbean, through stormy seas and shipwreck, can Hope and Nathaniel put aside their painful pasts, listen to God's voice, and find true love and acceptance?

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Gift of Grace

A Gift of Grace
By: Amy Clipston

Oops - I just realized I started this post a couple of weeks ago and never finished.

I'm going to be honest - I am always hesitant to read a book about the Amish that is not by Beverly Lewis. Thankfully, this one was REALLY good! It is similar to Beverly Lewis' Saving Sarah Cain, but the opposite situation. It was really neat to see just how teenagers today would react to being put into an Amish community. Many of us are 'wowed' by the way they live and the things they make, but this really shows what it would take for one of us to live in an Amish home. She also does a wonderful job portraying the battle women face between following their own desires while trying to submit to their husbands. Rebecca thinks her dreams have come true, but her husband is very hesitant to accept to 'Englischers' into his home. You'll have to read the book to find out how they resolve their differences.

Back of the Book:

Rebecca always dreamed of being a mother, and now she is--of two teenage girls. Somehow, it just wasn't the scenario she had planned. . .

Rebecca Kauffman longs to fulfill her quiet Old Order Amish life by giving her husband, Daniel, a child, but for years she has been unable to conceive. When her older sister, Grace, who left hte Amish community for the modern world, dies in an automobile accident, Rebecca is left custody of her two teenage nieces, Jessica and Lindsey. Now Rebecca wonders how she is going to take on this daunting task of being an Amish woman raising two English teenagers.

Rebecca struggles to give the girls the guidance they need as she tries to fulfill her duties as an Amish wife. The strain between Rebecca and Daniel mounts as the girls search for their identity in this new home. Caught between her husband's disapproval and her niece's unhappiness, Rebecca begins to question her place in the Amish community, her marriage, and her faith in God. Will she be able to reconcile differences in her home--or will the clash of cultures tear her world apart?

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Teaser Tuesdays Sept. 29


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My Teasers for this week:

On the other hand, Rebecca had no one else in whom to confide. She needed a friend, and Elizabeth had been all that and more ever since she'd joined the Kauffman family.

A Gift of Grace
by: Amy Clipston

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Mohammed's Moon -

Mohamed's Moon
By: Keith Clemons

Back of the Book:

Two brothers separated at birth grow up worlds apart. Outwardly, they’re exactly alike, but inwardly, nothing’s the same – one is a devotee of fundamentalist Islam; the other, a Christian. In this modern-day Cain and Abel story, the lines are drawn not just over whose God is right, but also over the fact that they’re both in love with the same girl.

It’s a conflict with grave repercussions, little hope of resolution – and time is running out. In the background, a plan has been set in motion that will bring the United States government to its knees. Will an unexpected visitation reconcile the brothers in time to save the woman they love – and ultimately, themselves – from the coming devastation?

In his award-winning style, author Keith Clemons delivers a profound comparison between Christianity and Islam, a dichotomy of life versus death, love versus hate, and grace versus legalism. Mohamed’s Moon will plunge you into a world where hatred and heinous acts are justified. But if hatred is potent, it pales in comparison to the power of God’s love.

About the Author:

Keith Clemons, a native of Southern California, is an alumnus of California State University – Fullerton where he earned a degree in English literature. He lives with his wife, Kathryn, in Caledon, Ontario, Canada. His four previous novels, Angel in the Alley, If I should Die, These Little Ones and Above the Stars, have accumulated a total of six writing awards.

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