Saturday, February 21, 2009

Veterans Way

Veterans Way
By: Robin Lee Hatcher

It was great to read a book about an older couple. A lot of us feel the same way that Stephanie and Jimmy's children feel about older people getting married. We only talk about love among teenagers and people in their twenties. It was refreshing to experience an older, more mature love in a book.

I also love small town charm. I have such a vivid picture in my mind of the diner that they eat at and the beautiful old homes they live in. Robin did such a great job of putting you right in the midst of their lives. I recommend this book and look forward to reading the other books in the series.

Inside Cover of the Book:
Jimmy Scott just moved back to his hometown of Hart's Crossing. And it's just as he remembered. Then he bumps into an old friend-Stephanie Watson, a childhood sweetheart he had once planned on marrying. As forgotten memories flood back, James wonders what might have happened if he hadn't left for the war in Korea. Was it possible that he could still have feeling for this woman?

Stephanie Watson loves this sleepy little town on the plains of Southern Idaho. Between the Thimbleberry Quilting Club, trips to the hair parlor, and her grandchildren, she's kept pretty busy. While surprised by Jimmy's return, she enjoys reminiscing about the good times they had. But could this friendship be turning into something more? And could Stephanie possibly be so lucky as to fall in love with the same man twice?


Sunday Girl said...

Hi Julianna,
Thanks for visiting my blog and following and for the nice comment. I will be spending some time reading your blog posts. I am always interested in book reviews.

Pepper Basham said...

Hi Julianna,
This is Pepper from greatchristian fiction. About Jane Austen books, I think this series is good - but I wonder if the first book in the series is better than the one I read. I'm always cautious about reading Austen 'rewrites' too - (even though I LOVE writing contemporary versions myself). If you read the first one, let me know what you think.