Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Do

I Do
by: Veda Boyd Jones, Sally Laity, Yvonne Lehman, Loree Lough

The only common thread in this book is that they all find love. Love is found in some very different places; an office building, a library, a retirement home, and a church.

Sydney and Troy decide their sibling are too young to get married and in an effort to try to stop them they begin to sense a strong attraction to one another. Soon after they meet to discuss how to stop the wedding they find that they work in the same building and Sydney realizes that Troy is one of the most sought after bachelors in the building.

Grace leads a very simple, repetitive life. She is a librarian in a small town with little excitement. She does her best to maintain a certain image, but secretly reads romance novels wishing for what she thinks she can never have. . . until Mitch Haywood comes to town to do research for a book about small towns.

Kay works at a retirement that her aunt lives in. One day a very cranky old man, Peppino, is brought there by his grandson. Peppino is placed next to Ella, Kay's aunt, and eventually the two develop an unusual friendship. Meanwhile in an effort to bring Peppino and Ella together, Kay and Daniel find love themselves. - This is one of my favorite novella's ever! I love stories of older people finding love again.

And then there is the story I can most relate to. I could so easily see myself running late and walking into the wrong church. This is exactly what happens to Breena. She is headed to her friend's wedding and realizes too late that she didn't check to see which St. John's they were getting married in. This ends up being the best mistake of her life when she meets Keegan.

A great compilation of novella's for a rainy afternoon. Get some hot tea, sit on the window seat with a blanket and enjoy!!

Back of the Book:

Do you love me? I Do
Love can grow quietly over time or strike like lightning. in either case, the end result is bliss. Share the joy of lastin love in these four novellas by some of inspirational romance's favorite authors.

Do you want to marry me? I Do
Love found in a church, a library, a retirement home, an office building. . . From the first uncertain moments to the final, absolute certainty of love, you'll watch these beautiful stories unfold - including all of the merriment and mayhem on the way to the altar.

Do you promise me forever? I Do
Love to last a lifetime and beyond. From the hearts and pens of romantic storytellers Veda Boyd Jones, Sally Laity, Yvonne Lehman, and Loree Lough come stories of faith and love - stories to make you recall, or anticipate, your own eager wedding words, I Do.

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I might have to getthat one. I am always looking for a good read! Jen