Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Stitch in Time

A Stitch in Time
By: Cathy Marie Hake, Tracy V. Bateman, Vickie McDonough, Carol Cox

I love books that give a lot of family dynamics. This book reminds me of Lori Wick's Rocky Mountain Memories and A Place Called Home series (which I also highly recommend and will be reviewing sometime in the near future). You get to know everyone in the family and their own unique personalities and interests. This book is easy to read and very enjoyable.

A family of 3 young men, 1 young lady and their grandmother who are very set in their ways have their world turned upside down by the 4 soon-to-be additions. Micah is very set in his ways and doesn't like change. He also doesn't think Deborah can survive in No Man's Land, but she is a much stronger woman than she's given credit for.

Louisa (Lou) falls in love with 2 very special boys and is quite attracted to their guardian, as well. A surprising match for sure!

Josh feels bad for a boy and his sick grandfather that he finds camping on Stafford land. This teenage boy has a big secret and it isn't long before Josh finds out what it is.

Sam, being the last one left is constantly being matched up with the few women available in No Man's Land. The whole town comes together to get him together with the most likely candidate.

The only thing I didn't like was that 'stitchery' is not really a major theme carried throughout.

Back of the Book:

Raised in No Man's Land - a wide-open tract west of the Oklahoma territory - the Stafford siblings stitch together a legacy of faith and family history. But each one struggles to recognize the arrival of true love:
  • Micah can't imagine falling for the refined visitor from the East who "can't ride a horse or shoot a gun."
  • Louisa, a tomboy, almost loses a chance at love by trading her holster for ribbons and bows.
  • Josh is surprised to find the "young man" he rescued is actually Rachel Donovan, disguised to survive the harsh pioneer terrain.
  • Sam takes a closer look - through God-colored spectacles - and discovers a sweet, soft spirit in his bumbling bride-to-be.
In spite of the prejudices, false assumptions, and misleading disguises, God can tie up the loose threads of these lives and bestow His own plan - the unexpected perfection of love.

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