Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Longing

The Longing
By: Beverly Lewis

This was a great ending to the Courtship of Nellie Fisher series. Beverly Lewis kept me guessing to the very end who Nellie Mae would end up with. There were so many little twists thrown in - like a handsome Englisher who keeps coming to the bakery.

So much hardship has come to the Fisher family with the death of their youngest daughter, Suzy; their oldest daughter, Rhoda, desiring fancy things and leaving home; the church split between the New Order and Old Order which has taken away their son and grandparents; and poor Rosanna King, a close friend of the family, and the loss of her babies. Amid so much sadness the Fishers cling to the truths in God's Word and trust Him to take care of them. This book is such an amazing testimony of God's goodness and faithfulness to those who put their complete trust in Him. By the end of this book you see many of the problems resolved in ways that you don't expect.

I love the way that Beverly Lewis tells a story. She keeps you captivated to the very end and this book is no exception. Growing up just 2 hours from Lancaster County and having visited many of the places that she mentions I have always had a fascination with the Amish and I always love revisiting through the pages of her books.

Back of the Book:
Although she still thinks of Caleb Yoder, Nellie Mae Fisher has broken up with her beau, choosing instead to follow the ways of the New Order. Yet her yearning for a husband remains, and new possibilities beckon, taking her heart by surprise.

A tragic accident binds Caleb once more to his father who so opposed his affection for Nellie...and to the farm that will no longer be his. As he longs for freedom, Caleb soon discovers he cannot forget the only girl he ever loved.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Golden Gate Gazette

Golden Gate Gazette
By: Carol Cox, DiAnn Mills, Darlene Mindrup, and Kathleen Y'Barbo

I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I found myself wishing that the authors had all gotten together and wrote complete novels, instead of just novellas. I could not put the book down! It was so easy to get into the minds of the characters and I really wanted to know more every step of the way.

Due to the men on strike, Amy was given a position at the Golden Gate Gazette. While covering a local fire on her first assignment as a reporter, instead of her typical society column, she meets Jennie, Helen, Penny and Penny's brother. Amy gets the girls jobs at the paper and a place to live and they quickly become good friends. Join them for their interesting journeys as young women of the newspaper in a time when women don't typically work for a living.

Back of the Book:
In 1860 San Francisco, when the newspaper workers strike, four women take on the task of reporting the news in a man's world while skirting danger and romance. Who can they trust?

Amy Lattimer's allegiance to the paper is questioned when arson fires seem linked to her family. Can she prove her innocence to a handsome policeman?

Jennie Montgomery's curiosity gets her into the middle of a murder investigation. Has she gotten in too deep and compromised another reporter's work?

Helen Morgan makes a printing error that has criminals hunting an innocent man. Can she fix the mistake and save a new friendship?

Penny Brice's attempts to prove her value as a writer could cost her her life. Will she impress her boss or only draw him into a dangerous web?

When the newspaper stories hit the stands, will these four women's faith - and lives - endure to grasp the hand of love?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Angel of Wrath

Angel of Wrath
by Bill Myers

This month, CFRB presents Angel of Wrath by Bill Myers.

Though not my usual style of book, I really enjoyed reading Angel of Wrath. This book is definitely a page-turner. The excitement of what will happen next begins on page one with the first murder scene. Followed by a string of murders all connected to the same church. There is a man connected to the murders who is also leading some local teenagers as they begin playing around with satanic sacrifices and rituals. They end up getting themselves in way over their heads and calling a legion that effects the minds of those who look into its eyes. Dangerous!!

Mr. Meyers does a great job at reminding Christians that we are not fighting just against flesh and blood (Ephesians 6:12). We need to remember and pray daily for the spiritual warfare that is going on all around us. Satan does not want God to have the victory. Put on the whole armour of Christ - Ephesians 6:10-18.

About the book:

Thirteen-year-old Jazmin, her ex-Special Ops uncle Charlie, and former FBI agent Lisa are reunited in the second of the Voice of God series to stop a an assassin driven to murder members of a megachurch led by Lisa's brother. This assassin has drawn in a coven of teens toying with satanic practices to support his efforts. The naive youth engage in ceremonies that appear to usher in the death of each of his victims. When their rituals open a portal into the spiritual realm, a terrifying and mysterious entity crosses over to our world.
The battle culminates with the capture of Lisa's father as the next target and a Black Mass requiring both their deaths as a sacrifice. The team will, once again, have to rely on all their wits, strength, and faith to survive in this action-packed, unearthly warfare.

About the Author:

Bill Myers is a popular and prolific writer who has authored nearly eighty books, has over two dozen screenwriter/director credits, and holds several national and international awards for his work. Myers holds a degree in stage directing from University of Washington and has studied at the Italian State Institute of Cinema in Rome. He was recently awarded an honorary doctorate in theology from the Institute Theologique de Nimes in France, where he taught. When not writing and directing, he enjoys acting, speaking at various schools and colleges, and working with the youth of his local church. Myers lives in California with his wife and two daughters. You can visit his Web site at Bill Myers Books.

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