Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kentucky Chances

Kentucky Chances
By: Cathy Marie Hake and Kelly Eileen Hake

My Thoughts:
I love the style of Cathy Marie Hake and it looks like her daughter, Kelly, is doing a fine job following in her mother's footsteps. This book will keep you turning pages as quick as you can say Salt Lick Holler. The characters have internal struggles that we can all relate to, making it easy to fall in love with them all. You find yourself wishing there were more brothers so you could be a part of the Chance clan. So, pick up a copy for yourself and find out what makes them such a great bunch of characters! I highly recommend this book to all.

Back of the Book:
All Love Need Is A Chance

In Salt Lick Holler, Kentucky, three young women healing from past hurts aren't looking for love. . . but love comes looking for them.

Lovejoy Spencer, widowed and wounded by the worst that marriage can offer, is trying to protect her sister from making the same mistakes. But will her determination to shelter others - and to return home to Salt Lick Holler - keep her from embracing her own Chance?

Young, widowed, and content with her role as Salt Lick's healer, Hattie Thales thinks there's nothing more to add to her life. But in Reliable, California, Logan Chance feels life has barely begun. When he and his youngest brother, Bryce, leave to search for the Lord's plans, will two lives come together in an adventure they hadn't dreamed?

Daisy Thales doesn't need any help. She'd prefer to heal from her losses and raise her palsied child on her own - without help or pity. But Bryce Chance, the last Chance bachelor, has a quiet way with her son - and with her heart. Will Daisy open her heart in time for all three of them to find their chance at love?

Will faith in God's healing comfort take root? And will love have a chance to grow?

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