Friday, March 26, 2010

Texas Brides

Texas Brides
by: Cathy Marie Hake

My Thoughts:
This was a very good book, but I must say I was a little bothered with how it began. Be prepared for a pretty large dose of reality on an uncomfortable subject. Once you get past that, the book is excellent! The Gregor brothers are characters that you fall in love with from the start. They meet some pretty hard-headed women, but they are able to break through the shells and discover the true beauties within. Cathy has a wonderful way of writing that draws you in and keeps your attention from page one to the end.

Back of the Book:
Equipped with their father's blessing and meager gifts of inheritance, three brothers from the hills of Scotland enter the land of possibilities and settle on the plains of Texas.

Dr. Robert Gregor opens an office in town. Mere days before Mercy Stein is to be wed, her world falls apart. The doctor can tend her, but only God can heal a battered soul. Will Rob risk everything and place his mother's wedding bank on Mercy's hand?

Duncan Gregor's quiet counsel and practical views draws people to the unassuming cobbler. Carmen Rodriquez wallows in loneliness, believing no one wants a crippled wife, so she resolves to be content serving others. The two neighbors ought to get along, but Duncan nettles her. Will the Bible his father bequeathed him bring the neighbors together. . . or drive them apart?

The pocket watch his father left to him ticks off time for Christopher Gregor. Driven to capture the man who killed his friend, Chris becomes a Texas Ranger. The last thing he needs is to be sidetracked by a helpless woman. Kathryn regent finds almost everything she ever dreamed of with Christopher - but will her secret tear them apart?

Can their father's gifts help these brothers lead the three hurting women to healing with faith and love?

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