Monday, September 7, 2009

Mohammed's Moon -

Mohamed's Moon
By: Keith Clemons

Back of the Book:

Two brothers separated at birth grow up worlds apart. Outwardly, they’re exactly alike, but inwardly, nothing’s the same – one is a devotee of fundamentalist Islam; the other, a Christian. In this modern-day Cain and Abel story, the lines are drawn not just over whose God is right, but also over the fact that they’re both in love with the same girl.

It’s a conflict with grave repercussions, little hope of resolution – and time is running out. In the background, a plan has been set in motion that will bring the United States government to its knees. Will an unexpected visitation reconcile the brothers in time to save the woman they love – and ultimately, themselves – from the coming devastation?

In his award-winning style, author Keith Clemons delivers a profound comparison between Christianity and Islam, a dichotomy of life versus death, love versus hate, and grace versus legalism. Mohamed’s Moon will plunge you into a world where hatred and heinous acts are justified. But if hatred is potent, it pales in comparison to the power of God’s love.

About the Author:

Keith Clemons, a native of Southern California, is an alumnus of California State University – Fullerton where he earned a degree in English literature. He lives with his wife, Kathryn, in Caledon, Ontario, Canada. His four previous novels, Angel in the Alley, If I should Die, These Little Ones and Above the Stars, have accumulated a total of six writing awards.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Julie,
I noticed you like some Regency novels. Have you ever heard of Linore Rose Burkard or Ruth Axtell Morren. Both are excellent.

Also - a little bit of fun
Linore published my short story "Second Impressions" in her September Newsletter, so if you want a short commercial break in your evening, I have the link to it on my blog site

hope you enjoy

Julie said...

I hadn't heard of them. Thank you!

I will be sure to read it. Congratulations!

Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

This is a great book! Thank you for sharing your review.

BTW, thank you for welcoming me to CFRB and for becoming a follower on my blog(s). I love your background, it's beautiful!

~ Lori

Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

I just realized I posted my comment to the wrong post! LOL I meant to comment on Promise Me Always by Christine Lynxwiler ~ sorry! I'll copy/paste it to the correct post...

~ Lori