Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Gift of Grace

A Gift of Grace
By: Amy Clipston

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I'm going to be honest - I am always hesitant to read a book about the Amish that is not by Beverly Lewis. Thankfully, this one was REALLY good! It is similar to Beverly Lewis' Saving Sarah Cain, but the opposite situation. It was really neat to see just how teenagers today would react to being put into an Amish community. Many of us are 'wowed' by the way they live and the things they make, but this really shows what it would take for one of us to live in an Amish home. She also does a wonderful job portraying the battle women face between following their own desires while trying to submit to their husbands. Rebecca thinks her dreams have come true, but her husband is very hesitant to accept to 'Englischers' into his home. You'll have to read the book to find out how they resolve their differences.

Back of the Book:

Rebecca always dreamed of being a mother, and now she is--of two teenage girls. Somehow, it just wasn't the scenario she had planned. . .

Rebecca Kauffman longs to fulfill her quiet Old Order Amish life by giving her husband, Daniel, a child, but for years she has been unable to conceive. When her older sister, Grace, who left hte Amish community for the modern world, dies in an automobile accident, Rebecca is left custody of her two teenage nieces, Jessica and Lindsey. Now Rebecca wonders how she is going to take on this daunting task of being an Amish woman raising two English teenagers.

Rebecca struggles to give the girls the guidance they need as she tries to fulfill her duties as an Amish wife. The strain between Rebecca and Daniel mounts as the girls search for their identity in this new home. Caught between her husband's disapproval and her niece's unhappiness, Rebecca begins to question her place in the Amish community, her marriage, and her faith in God. Will she be able to reconcile differences in her home--or will the clash of cultures tear her world apart?

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Thank you for the wonderful review! I'm honored to have my book mentioned on your blog.