Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Attic Treasures

I love the idea that these 4 short stories are based on. A grandmother needs to move out of her house, so the 4 granddaughters are given the chance to return and claim their attic treasure. Some wonderful love stories develop as the girls return to Casper, Wyoming to get their most treasured possessions from their childhood. If you love small towns, old houses and antiques mixed with a little bit of romance than this is the book for you. Pull back the curtain, listen to the rain fall and enjoy this wonderful book.

From the Back of the Book:

Long-forgotten family treasures are brought to the center of four romances as Lydia Dunmore prepares to sell her old home in the Wyoming countryside and invites her four granddaughters to choose something to keep from the dusty attic.

Sheila seeks Grandma's doll, but it has already been sold as an antique. When she enlists the help of a local antiques dealer to recover the doll, will she end up finding more than she bargained for?

Kimber is intrigued by an old fishing tackle box and subsequently thrilled to learn the value of the lures inside. But will she be willing to sacrifice a chance at happiness for money?

Lauren cherishes a christening gown her great-grandmother wore - even though she has chosen career over motherhood. But when her husband leaves the city to buy a farm, will Lauren survive the new way of life forced upon her?

Jessica takes an antique dresser from Grandma's attic and finds some old papers and photographs inside that lead her to a painful discovery about her past. Can she trust a stranger with what she learns about her family ties, or will she lose all she holds dear?

What will each woman learn from the past that may shape the future of the way they treasure faith. . . and love?

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G.R.I.T.S. said...

It's a great book! It's one of my favorites to go back and reread from time to time! Great Posts!

Rae Byuel