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How Huge the Night by Heather Munn and Lydia Munn

How Huge the Night
by: Heather Munn and Lydia Munn

Back of the Book:
For fifteen-year-old Julien Losier, life will never be the same. His family has relocated to souther France to outrun Hitler's menace. But Julien doesn't want to run. He doesn't want to huddle around the radio at night, waiting to hear news through buzzing static. Julien doesn't want to wait.

Angry, frustrated, and itching to do something, Julien finds a battle everywhere he turns.

Soon after his family opens their house to a Jewish boy needing refuge, Julien meets Nina, a young Austrian who has fled her home by her father's dying command. Nina's situation is grave and Julien suddenly realizes the enormity of having someone's life or death depend on . . . him.

Thrown together by a conflict that's too big for them to understand, each one struggles to know what to do, even if it is not enough. Is there a greater purpose in the shadows of this terrible war? Or will their choices put them in greater danger?

My Thoughts:
I think the authors did a great job showing us what a teenage boy might have been thinking during the war. I have always had a fascination with WWII and think reading historical fictions really gives us some insight into what people went through during that time - a living history. In one of the most horrible times in history we see what some teenagers truly may have faced. Julien's family flees to southern France hoping to avoid Hitler's army. Niko (aka Nina) flees her country looking for safety for her and her brother due to their Jewish heritage. Benjamin has to live with a family he does not know because of his Jewish heritage. In addition to the war going on all around them, they are also facing the troubles of a typical teenager: a new home, making new friends, losing family or being far from them. . . so many hardships. They do a great job with the characters in this novel - they truly come alive. This book is a page-turner and I highly recommend it!

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