Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Dreams

Christmas Dreams
by: Rebecca Germany, Mary Hawkins, Veda Boyd Jones, and Melanie Panagiotopoulos

This is a great, easy read for the Christmas season. What I liked most about the novellas was that there wasn't a lot of conflict. I like a good story with a lot of conflict between the main characters, but it was really nice to sit back and watch the dating process for these four women. Also, to be able to watch their stories unfold from beginning to end was a nice change. Each novella was very well written and captured my attention. I recommend getting a nice hot cup of tea and sitting down to meet Nora, Jean, Jennifer, and Christina.

Back of the Book:
Evergreen by Rebecca Germany. To fill the void of her first holiday alone, Nora, a string reporter fro the local paper, agrees to do a story on the homeless shelters - accompanied by a certain rakishly handsome photographer. Is Rick Thompson too good to be true, or is he the man of her dreams?

Search for the Star by Mary Hawkins. To Jean Drew, Christmas is a time to work, not spend with family. Until this year, that is when she's invited to spend the holidays with her niece - and then to witness her wedding. Also on the guest list is Dr. Jonathan Howard, a man who once embodied all of Jean's Dreams. Could they have another chance at love?

The Christmas Wreath by Veda Boyd Jones. Jennifer Faucett is dwelling in the past, not dreaming of the future, as she prepares to spend one last Christmas in the home of her recently deceased grandmother. Next door, Mike Shannon, now a successful novelist, has come seeking peace and quiet - and finding neither when he encounters the woman of his dreams.

Christmas Baby by Melanie Panagiotopoulos. Christmas amid the ruins in Athens, Greece, on the arm of a modern-day Adonis, sounds like a dream vacation. But there's a much more poignant reason for Christina Rallis's visit: She's come to meet her birth mother. Christina's Christmas dreams seem destined to come true. . . until she realizes she may have to make an unthinkable sacrifice.

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