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Not Far From the Tree

Not Far From the Tree
By: Ruth Smith Meyer

One word: Excellent!!
In this book the author takes you on a journey through the 20th century through the eyes of one woman, Rina. Rina and her family endure many hardships along the way including losing jobs, moving, sickness, and death. Rina's faith is strong and she is a wonderful example to all of us on how to deal with problems biblically. She isn't perfect and has her moments of doubt and fear, but through it all she was a dedicated wife and mother.

Without coming across as preaching there are many lessons to learn through this book. I found myself underlining just as I do in my non-fiction books. Among the lessons learned are that God does not give you more than you can handle. If you are feeling overwhelmed you are taking something that doesn't belong to you. Lay your burdens at the foot of the cross and trust God to take care of you. She is also a great example of not giving up. She pressed on no matter what. One of my favorite statements from the book is when Rina says "You may as well wear out than rust out". And last they never had much but were always satisfied. God truly does take care of all of your needs and this book shows testimony after testimony of how God did that for this family. They were brought to a point where all they could do was trust God and he delivered many times over.

If you want to be encouraged and convicted all at the same time while enjoying a wonderful story this is the book for you. The life of this family is told through Rina's eyes as a 99 year old woman remembering her life. So I encourage you to take this journey down memory lane with Rina.

About the Book:

Those who lived in the twentieth century saw more rapid changes than any previous century. Born at the beginning of this era, to a family that had already faced dramatic change and challenge, Rina seemed to come into the world with a zest for the revolution the 1900’s would bring. Based on the story of a real person, the narrative alternates between the daily activities of a still spunky 99-year-old Rina and her vivid memories as she relives vignettes of her life. The impetuous and sometimes capricious nature of young Rina almost exasperates her parents Jake and Ellie.

When she is barely a grown woman, marriage to an imaginative and sometimes impractical dreamer husband, the arrival of babies, the great depression and life in general take over, moulding her into a strong woman not unlike her parents, proving the apple indeed does not fall far from the tree. The unbelievable twists in the lives of Rina and her beloved David will keep readers fascinated with the indomitable strength of the human spirit when there is a solid foundation of love and faith. Although this is a sequel to Not Easily Broken, it can readily stand on its own.

About the Author:

Ruth Smith Meyer is an Inspirational/Motivational speaker, a regular contributor for Rejoice Magazine, a daily devotional resource, the editor of Marriage Encounter Newsletter and has had her poetry published in Purpose and Christian Living Magazine.

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